Trio-Food, specialized in selling food ingredient in China �� was Shanghai Wugu International Trading Co.Ltd. and Shanghai TongXiang Food Co.Ltd., which have over ten years experience in domestic market. Based on the trading experience in imported food ingredients, Trio-food has turned to the integration of business of food ingredients from 2008 and decided to be a domestic distributor.

Our products are mainly the imported dairy products from New Zealand and Australia and bakery filling produced by ourselves, and supplemented high-grade fruit and chocolate sauce from Europe to meet the service of chain in the majority of the bakery, candy, ice cream Manufacturers and other applicable food manufacturers.

The aim of Trio-Food is to do as better as possible in the field, so as to become the efficient communicating bridge between global suppliers and customers, and import new and high-quality food ingredients overseas to assist customers to constantly update and create their products. What's more, Trio-food pays great attention to the safety and quality of the food. We sincerely hope to develop and maintain a safe and healthy food industry with our customers.

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